no instant hot water

Asked by RICH
Normal, IL

I just installed a new hot water tank. I hooked it up the same way as the old with the half inch line going to the tank drain. we had instant hot water from the old but not now. no pumps are used. old tank was bradford new tank is richmond.


Dan Sunderland

Answered by Dan Sunderland

Independence, MO

Earthen Concepts & Development, Inc.

February 18, 2014

Rich, a few clarification are needed here... 1. Are you saying you don't get ANY hot water or it just isn't coming very quickly? 2. Did you do the initial set up or did you have it done for you? 3. How did you make the plumbing connections, quick connects like "Shark-bite" or similar, solder or compression etc.? Depending on the answer to these I should be able to help you.

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