My wife wants to re-lacquer the floors before bringing our new baby home. I told her I think it is not safe for the baby to do this now.

Asked by jerry moreau
Sequim, WA

My wife is prenant and it is 11 days to the due date. Now she wants to re lacquer the floors before bringing the baby home. She bought regular floor lacquer with a mix in hardener. I told her I think it is not safe for the baby to do this now but she doesn't seem to believe me. I think I am right. Do you agree or not?


Most of the products for refinishing a floor will off-gas for quite some time and very likely you will experience a smell for many days.

VOCs might have an effect on you or the baby - so why risk it.

Enjoy the time before the birth of your baby and try to get as much sleep as possible.

Your baby will not notice or appreciate the different finish of your wood floor.


For more information:

Read Mary Cordaro's Know How article, "The Parent Trap: Avoid Mistakes in Nursery Projects By Following Three Basic Principles."

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