My recently installed bamboo floors are squeaking. Can you tell me why?

Asked by Laverne
Germantown, MD

Subfloor is wood slab. Subfloor was securly nailed and a water barrier cover was installed before floors were installed. These are floating floors


Edward Wright

Answered by Edward Wright

Cincinnati, OH

Wright Design, LLC

October 3, 2012


Apossible reason is that if new fasteners were added as a part of the sub-floor prep for the new floor, a new nail could have caught a joist edge, split it and not be in full contact with the wood.

  • As you walk across the floor, the boards move against each other or slide against nail shafts to produce the squeaks.
  • If this is the case, the new flooring could be disassembled and the fastener removed or secured.

Also squeaks and gaps can result from too soft an underlayment, an un-flat subfloor or improper acclimation - taking the new flooring from a semi-conditioned storage area and installing it without waiting for the flooring to adjust to the humidity levels in your home.

Additionally, be sure there is a perimeter expansion gap around the room and any pipe penetrations, such as a floor radiator would require. Some manufacturers require the expansion gap width match the flooring thickness.




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