My L-shape kitchen has radiator heat that takes prime wall space. If I remove it what other type of unit can I use?

Omaha, NE

Is there a unit that provides heat and airconditioning that I can use for my kitchen? I'm in the middle of renovations and I'm not sure what to look for. My kitchen is approx 200 sq ft. I'd like to be able build in a unit under a large window but only have 18" of space. Will this work?


If you intend to place cabinets or built-ins in the location where the existing radiator is located, you have a few options available.

For heating only, you can replace the old radiator with a toe kick radiator. This style radiator fits under the cabinet within the toe kick space and has a blower to push the heat out into the room.

To supply both heat and cooling, you should look into a mini split system by either Mitsubishi or Daikin. They have many different configuration of air handlers from small radiator style to in-wall units as well as surface mounted units typically used in retrofit installation.

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