My kitchen is long and narrow. I was thinking of a dark cabinet like black or cherry wood. Could I get away with this?

Asked by jackie nemitz
Northridge, CA

thinking about lights under cabinets to lighten up the room. 8' wide X 13' long. horrible kitchen. I can't find a lot of pictures on line. I need pictures!!!


Polly Osborne, FAIA, LEED AP

Answered by Polly Osborne, FAIA, LEED AP

Los Angeles, CA

Polly Osborne Architects

October 25, 2012

My own kitchen is this size and I actually quite like it. It's on my website and called Kelton Remodel.

The tiny antique Orient Express train from England to Paris and beyond makes Gourmet meals for hundreds out of a kitchen this size, except narrower!

Choose a material you love to feel and love to look at, because, of course, you will be very close to it. Living small is environmental and also great for lazy people, because you don't have to walk far or clean up as much. Make sure you punch out a wall to another room if you can, so the space doesn't close in on you.

Personally, I would go with light colors in a kitchen this size and keep the materials fairly simple.

  • In my own house I used bright colors and I always feel very jolly in there.
  • I organized it to suit my every whim while cooking and it's perfect.

I am a much better cook than before I remodeled it!


For more information:

Read Erika Doering's small kitchen tips in "New York Tested: Tips for Efficient Use of Kitchen Space."

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