My kitchen cabinet budget is extremely limited. RTA cabinets are attractively priced. Are some greener than others?

Asked by Wendy Smith
Camp Hill, PA

Some of the best ready-to-assemble cabinet prices are for those made in China, but after the Chinese drywall mess, I'm afraid of building products from China. As far as I can tell from reading Ikea literature, their cabinets conform to the strict German codes for formaldehyde, but I'd prefer plywood to their exclusively particleboard box construction. Do you have any other suggestions?


Wendy, I'm not sure exactly what your budget will allow. We use Holiday Kitchens RWH Full Access product line for lower-budget jobs. Case construction features ¾"-thick plywood sides, top, bottom; doweled, glued and clamped; ¼” plywood backs, grooved and glued into sides, top and bottom to keep cabinets square. Interior is finished natural-maple veneer. We specify the LIVE GREEN construction using no added urea-formaldehyde (NAUF) material.

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