My home must be formaldehyde free for health reasons. What drywall is formaldehyde free?

Asked by sarah
Lees Summit, MO

I live in the Kansas City, MO area. My home is insulated by soy spray foam. The home is air tight!! Also zone air and heat. I'm trying to avoid Voc's and any harmful off gassing building products. I'm also concerned I avoid any drywall which off gasses sulfur. If you have any questions please ask. Thanks.

Also, what product can replace green board?


Rich Franz-Ünder

Answered by Rich Franz-Ünder

Tucson, AZ

Pima County Development Services

March 24, 2012

Ask for products that either comply with:

For more information:

Read "Is there such a thing as green drywall? If so, what alternatives to conventional drywall do you recommend?" a Q&A answered by Mary Cordaro.

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