My builders think that by choosing to build more green, my new home will be more susceptible to mold and termites.

Asked by AmyB
Miami, FL

Building new home in the southern part of Miami, Florida Allergy-prone children/ VOC-sensitive


Answered by Colleen McLean

Marina Del Rey, CA

Colleen McLean, Keller Williams Realty/Marina

March 19, 2012

Not at all true. Just the opposite.

As a matter of fact, "green" materials are superior to traditional framing materials in part because of the resistance to both moisture and mold and termite infestation.

Just one example is Blue wood.

  • BluWood is certified green because it improves air quality by resisting mold, which releases chemicals into the air that, when breathed, can create a multitude of health problems.
  • Second, termites have always been a large factor for home builders and BluWood offers a lifetime warranty against rot and termites.

There are plenty of other examples of green building materials like this one.

Without being rude, I would suggest you find a builder that understands what green building is all about.

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