My backyard deck is being eaten by termites and dry rot. It is about feet long and leads to my upstairs master bedroom

Asked by Joseph Martinez
Chula Vista, CA

What is the best alternative to wood? I live in San Diego. Approximately how much am I looking at?


Kevin Holdridge

Answered by Kevin Holdridge

Charlotte, NC

KDH Residential Design, LLC

December 7, 2011

A termite problem is typically not a wood problem as much as a moisture problem. You should see if there is any problems in your back yard keeping moisture in and around your deck. Fixing any drainage issues could help the situation. Other than that we are specifying a lot of hardwood decking materials such as Ipa or Garapa. These are expensive alternatives though and depending on your deck size you could probably save a few thousand dollars from hardwood by using a composite material such as Timber Tech or Trex.

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