Mohawk's SmartStrand was installed from Lowe's but due to flaws in the carpet it has been replaced once. Now they want to do it again. Help

Asked by Jan Davis
Grand Junction, CO

Wanted low VOC's due to lung cancer Carpet has fine lines running across Installed in May and again in October 2011 Should we switch to another brand


Answered by Denise Boyd

McKinleyville, CA

Earth In Mind Design

January 3, 2012

The best carpet on the Market is a truly "green" product. It's Flor carpet tiles. You not only have no VOC's from their product, they will take it back from you when you are done and recycle. They have 100's of options, the quality is superior and you can install yourself. If you want the look of a wall to wall you can achieve that as well. A truly superior product.

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