Marmoleum Farbo brand seems to have HDF as a backing, so it seems like that would off-gas. Is it truly safe, zero offgassing?

Asked by stephanie
Temecula, CA

Nursery flooring. What is a good product - safest hardwood, glues, etc Is the linoleum (farbo) safer than hardwood? The linoleum backing seems to have toxic chemicals in it that off-gas so it seems it's not safe. Farbo was not able to provide adequate answer. They did not seem to understand that HDF backing means off-gassing. What is zero off-gassing from the materials to the installation?


Sean Lintow Sr

Answered by Sean Lintow Sr

Naperville, IL

SLS Construction & Building Solutions

March 14, 2013

While I can not answer about this brand, I can tell you that all products off gas, even wood. In many cases the off-gassing is almost or completely done / gone by the time it rolls off the floor or into your house. 

For those that are chemically sensitive it helps to know what products they are sensitive to so they can avoid it. While for others ventilating an area for a certain amount of time is all that might be required. 

In many cases if a manufacturer says X we will triple or quadruple the time frame for ventilation.


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