Can you use filtered rainwater to flush toilets? l live in Oklahoma and have a septic system.

Asked by laura
Talihina, OK

The septic is on my land -- l have 1 acre and l am outside the city limits.


Anthony Addesso

Answered by Anthony Addesso

Hawthorne, NJ

Addesso Architecture

September 23, 2010

Using filtered rainwater for toilets should not be an issue.

  • I have not had any objections from officials in any part of the country for using reclaimed rainwater.
  • I have had projects where these systems are incorporated in homes and they work well, including times when the tank is dry and the system automatically switches to the main water supply.
  • The use of reclaimed rainwater will have no effect on your septic system.

Before you move forward with the project, though, you should check with your local building and health departments to see if they have any rules or guidelines concerning greywater, then find an experienced green professional to do the installation.


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