Is vinyl siding a green product? What other home siding options are available that would be easy like vinyl?

Asked by Carol
Falls Creek, PA

We need to put up siding. Our house has vinyl siding but it is cracked (the house was built in the 1970s). We want an option that is not expensive, that we can put up ourselves, and that is environmentally friendly.


An alternative material to vinyl siding with a similar low amount of maintenance could be fiber-cement board. Fiber-cement boards are available in different colors by various manufacturers.

The basic gray board is usually the most affordable choice. It can be painted with an appropriate paint.

Please see below a short list of fiber-cement board manufacturers for your further research:

James Hardie
Cement Board Fabricators
Western Specialty Fabrications
Nichiha USA, Inc.
American Fiber Cement Corporation


For more information:

You should read builder Connie McCullah's Q&A "Which is greener: fiber-cement or vinyl siding?"

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