Is using PVC pipe for the main water line from the meter to our home unhealthy?

Asked by Shelly M
Simi Valley, CA

We are in Southern California. Our water meter is near the street, about 60 feet from where it connects to the home plumbing, which is copper. Several years ago, our main incoming water line needed to be replaced and was, with PVC. Now I'm wondering about potential health risks that may be associated with using PVC to carry water that we ultimately drink and shower with.


Bill Bradbury

Answered by Bill Bradbury

Smithfield, UT

Envirocon Home Restoration

July 18, 2011


PVC is a toxic compound, but after several years, there will be a layer of sludge coating the inside of the pipe that keeps you from drinking the nasties.

  • Since the rest of your house is copper, I recommend that you install a whole-house water filter on the main line and use a charcoal-impregnated filter.
  • Install valves on both sides, so you can easily replace the filter cartridge every 2-3 months.


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