Is there some way we can recycle all the tornado-uprooted trees in this area of Alabama?

Asked by Shady Sanchez
Harvest, AL

I live in Harvest, AL. On April 27, we were hit by several tornadoes, including an F5 that has devastated our area. Right now they are digging holes and burning trees, and it seems like such a waste.


Bonnie  Pickartz

Answered by Bonnie Pickartz

Franklin, NC

Goshen Timber Frames

May 18, 2011

While I understand the necessity of dealing with the trees immediately so reconstruction can begin, I'd suggest that the trees be stacked somewhere to be cut for firewood next winter.

This may not be the greenest use, but I'm certain there will be a need as the weather turns cold next fall.

Mulching would be another use and, of course, saw mills could cut the timber into lumber.

Logistically, none of this may be possible, but anything you could do to keep some of the trees from being burned and/or buried will be a step in the right direction.

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