Is there anything that can b done to prevent out gassing of VOC's from newly installed pergo laminated flooring?

Asked by Kitty Ward
Chesterfield, VA

Told very low voc .s when purchased the flooring. Had it down for a little over a month and have been sick ever since. There was dust everywhere after installation and I wonder if that could b part of the issue. The flooring is beautiful but ready to pull it up. Also had a small amount of vinyl put down n bathrooms. It is supposed to b low VOC's as well.


Listed Green

Answered by Listed Green

Henderson, NV

June 2, 2014

Off-Gassing is natural and cannot be "prevented". However, you can speed up the process. The best way to off-gas something is with sunlight and air ventilation. It probably has something to do with the heat and constant fresh air removing the evaporating bad chemicals. Even low-VOC products have chemicals.

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