Is there any type of barrier cover that can be put on a conventional mattress that stops the escape of the toxins into the air?

Asked by Jack Green

I just purchased a conventional mattress and I am sure it is drenched in toxins . I have been looking for a natural, organic mattress for a long time but, because of personal circumstances, ended up buying the conventional one. I don't understand why the natural/organic mattress companies make it next to impossible for the everyday person to get a safe mattress. The prices are outrageous. $2,000 for a twin size. What? Is there a meterial that will block the toxins from escaping into the air? I have left the plastic on the mattress but plastic is noisy, and probably toxic too. I hope you can help me


Elizabeth Borecky

Answered by Elizabeth Borecky

Sarasota, FL

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January 14, 2010

Polyethylene mattress wraps are the only product that will keep the gasses from escaping into the air. However, it is plastic and will feel and sound like it.

Another possible solution would be to place the mattress in another well-ventilated room for two weeks prior to use.

  • This will allow the worst of the gasses to dissipate.
  • How much it will continue to off gas will depend on the materials used in construction of the mattress.

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