Is there a way to test air in your house for latex exposure?

Asked by Laurie
Acworth, GA

We have a child who has type 1 severe immediate breathing latex allergy. We have removed what we know may contain latex but he is still having problems. Is there any way to check for latex in items (like our carpet pads) and in the air of our home, since he does react from breathing the latex in the air?


Answered by Andrea Palmer

Oklahoma City, OK

Guaranteed Watt Saver (GWS)

April 4, 2011

The air inside your home can be tested through the use of a grab or suma canister.

  • Air from the house is pulled into the canister for a specified period of time; and
  • Then the canister is sent to a lab and run through a gas chromatograph and the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are measured.

You can get in touch with an industrial hygienist in your area to perform the test and ask that latex be specified in the VOC report.


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