Is there a real solution out there for whiteflies? I've been fighting them in the greenhouse for several years.

Asked by Cecelia
Raymond, WA

They obviously hide enough eggs, etc. to survive no matter how many different soaps, so-called good bugs and chemicals I throw at them. If anything says it eliminates whitefly, I buy it.


Christine Coker

Answered by Christine Coker

Vancleave, MS

C-squared Consulting

July 5, 2012

Whiteflies are a terrible nuisance and, in large numbers, a major pest.

The best product I have used is called TriStar (Cleary Chemical Corp.).

  • It utilizes three modes of action: systemic, contact, and ingestion.
  • TriStar is a neonicotinyl foliar insect spray for greenhouse, field, nursery and landscape crops.

The label covers broad spectrum control of aphids, mealy bugs, caterpillars, scales, whiteflies, thrips, leaf eating beetles and leaf miners.

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