Is there a green way to rid a house of termites in structural beams?

Asked by Jody Johnson
Salt Lake City, UT

A heat system can cause damage, orange oil smells forever, Bora Care is only preventative.  How is Vikane for the health of occupants?


Vikane has been successfully used for 40 years without harm to the occupants or their pets in eliminating dry wood termites.

  • Once the fumigation is completed, there is no residue and no health concerns.
  • Vikane is not a preventative treatment, so termites could return.

Heating or freezing is effective if you happen to heat or freeze the locations that actually contain the termites. This is a hit-and-miss treatment that leaves one with little peace of mind.

If the infested beams are located in an unfinished space, you might consider treating them with borates after the structure undergoes a Vikane fumigation.

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