Is there a comprehensive listing of manufacturers of various green building materials, by state?

Asked by Gerrie
Virginia Beach, VA

I'm building a green home, and it's difficult to find sources for regionally manufactured, low/no-VOC, and recycled/reused materials.


Karen Smuland

Answered by Karen Smuland

Bend, OR

Karen Smuland Architect

April 30, 2010

That is a great question. As an architect, when I am specifying materials for a project, I will weigh the green benefits with the manufacturing location. In comparing products, most product companies have websites that list their manufacturing locations, so you can find out exactly where a material is coming from.

Your area may also have a materials exchange website, or a Habitat for Humanity building supply re-sale store.

An architect, designer, or other green professional in your area would also be able to help.

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