Is the no-VOC paint Freshaire Choice a good pick for painting my son's room?

Asked by Paddy Dontula
Fort Worth, TX

I would like to paint my 6-year-old son's room. I was looking for a natural paint and found no-VOC paint Freshaire Choice sold at Home Depot. Can you please tell me if it's a good choice?


Green paint is ideal for a child’s room, as children are, by definition, sensitive receptors.  Other considerations are:

  • how much paint you’ll need (coverage)
  • longevity (will you get bored of the color and want to repaint)
  • washability (because this is a child’s room)


Non-VOC paints tend to not cover as well as their ”conventional” cousins. Paints with less pigment tend to cover better. Do plan to do a great job with priming and plan to make another trip to the paint store for more paint.


So that you won’t have to repaint in 10 years, choose a color that you’ll all enjoy for years to come. Greens and blues are more calming and better for studying than bright reds and yellows.


An important consideration for high-use areas. Freshaire is manufactured by ICI, the parent company of Glidden, Fuller O’Brien, and Devoe Paint (a non-VOC paint) to name a few.

  • Freshaire did a study in 2007 against Aura (not a non-VOC paint) for washability, so I would question how they stack up against other non-VOC brands.
  • YOLO has a special line of non-VOC washable paint and AFM Safecoat also reports superior results.


For more information:

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Non-VOC paint is also making its way into mainstream media, such as the New York Times and Consumer Reports.

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