Is it worth it to pay for a Phoenix water heater or buy a condensing tankless water heater?

Asked by Yesim Erke-Magent
Allentown, PA

We are considering getting a new water heater. In my internet research, I came across Phoenix water heaters and it seems like they are quite efficient. However, I have been told they are very expensive (cannot figure out how much they are, though). Thus, is it worth it to spend money on this or get a condensing tankless unit? I am all for tankless ones but it seems like there aren't too many plumbers doing this job in Allentown. Then, there is the option of getting solar thermal, but I think their prices really should come down before people can afford them.


Harris Woodward

Answered by Harris Woodward

Savage, MD

Finish Werks Green Builders

August 4, 2010

If you continue to have difficulty finding a green plumbing pro that can install a tankless unit, or a reasonable price for the Phoenix heater, reconsider the solar thermal option.

In addition to a full 30% federal tax credit on labor and materials (with no max), Pennsylvania offers incentives as well.

The DSIRE website has more info on PA's state incentives here.


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