Is it okay to have the insulation baffles 24" away from the blown insulation?

Since I cannot include any photos, I will try to describe the problem without pictures. My attic has stapled Styrofoam insulation baffles down from the roof underside (between the rafters) down to the eaves. The soffit vent openings are 18 inches in front of the baffles. The baffles are about 24 inches from where the blown insulation (between the joists) begins. I want to add more insulation and put in new baffles, but I believe that the existing baffles serve no purpose since they do not hold back any insulation; in fact, the blown insulation is about 24 inches away from the baffles. Is this a goof-up? Can I buy prefabricated 24" wide baffles that go from joist to joist?


Answered by Scott Liljedahl LEED GA

Kelso, WA

Medford Homes LLC

February 26, 2010

I would contact a local insulation contractor.

  • I don't know where you live, but Masco Contractor Sevices might be in your area.
  • They will have baffles designed for trusses/rafters that are 24" on center.

The most important thing is not to restrict the airflow from your soffit vents to your ridge venting. Your house needs to breathe, and restricting that airflow will do more damage than you can imagine.


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