Is an engineered hardwood floor that is FloorScore certified a good choice for the bedroom of a severe allergy sufferer?

Asked by Stephanie Masson
Natchitoches, LA

I am replacing carpet in my bedroom to help with dust mite allergies, but I don't want to invest in anything that might aggravate my symptoms in any other way. I am very concerned about offgassing. I have also looked at ceramic tiles that look like wood, but I understand the thinset and grout can cause problems for some people.


Stephanie, if it's FloorScore certified, you are in good shape. Grout and sealers can cause problems, but my concern with the ceramic is that it's too hard and cold underfoot for a bedroom (even in steamy Louisiana). The engineered hardwood is a great choice.

You might also consider FloorScore certified bamboo flooring -- Teragren is a great brand. Natural bamboo is about 50 percent more stable than red oak flooring, but make sure you buy quality.


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