Is AdvanTech flooring a healthy alternative to plywood/OSB?

Asked by Leo
Walnut Creek, CA

I will be replacing old plywood subfloor as part of a bathroom remodeling project. Is AdvanTech flooring better/healthier than plywood? Also, AdvanTech recommends using polyurethane-based PLPremium adhesive to glue floor panels to the joists. Are there any negative health effects (offgassing, etc.)?



AdvanTech as a building product is superior to regular plywood or OSB.

  • It meets LEED for Homes standards and the manufacturer is SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative) certified.
  • The product is not listed as a carcinogen by the IARC, NTP or OSHA.

Currently, I specify the use of AdvanTech on my residential projects, specifically for hardwood floor installations.

As for the adhesive, the simple solution would be to request a low-VOC product be used by your contractor.

I would also request from them that they supply you with the materials safety data sheet (MSDS) for the product being recommended. Review the MSDS to see if VOCs or other harmful compounds are present in the adhesive.


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