I'm looking to plant some bamboo as a sound barrier along my property line. What species of bamboo should I plant?

Asked by James Pewaukee
Tempe, AZ

I do not want the bamboo to spread and take over my entire yard.


Answered by Reginald Durant

Irvine, CA

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April 15, 2010

I would highly discourage the use of bamboo anywhere but where it is found growing as a native plant.

All bamboo species are water-loving, invasive pests outside of their natural habitat. I suggest contacting the Arizona Native Plant Society through their website for alternative screening species native to your area. 

Locally native species of plants are going to perform the best under your soil, water and climate conditions, save you the most money and help save the world by reducing your water footprint as well as helping to sequester CO2 better than commercial landscape plants. Local native plants are beautiful and attract butterflies and birds to your garden as well as help maintain, or in some cases restore, the natural biodiversity of your area.

Good luck with your project!

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