I'm in need of water filtration. What are your thoughts on the Natursoft Pelican series?

Asked by michael hardick
Arcade, NY

I'm building a new energy efficient home in Arcade, New York. We have hard water here. We need a water purification system for the house. The main thing I like about Natursoft is that they boast of wasting zero gallons of water a year when the typical systems waste up to six thousand gallons a year. Not sure what to believe.


Answered by JR Harrison

Hayward, CA

Ja Plumbing Services, Inc.

June 21, 2010

We are in an area of California that has very hard water.

Over several years of research we have found that the best option is the Puronics line. Their website is

We are not a dealer for them so don't really have a stake in you getting their product. They have been rated by the EPA for their ability to prevent growth of bacteria in the tank.

No true softening system will work without some kind of regeneration so you will be using extra water, but the savings you get on not replacing fixtures or pipes makes up for it over time.


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