I would like to know if it is better to buy a energy efficient manual or self defrosting freezer?? I've heard mixed reviews! Please help me!

Asked by Dixie Neitzel
Tomah, WI

I have saved enough money for one and just want to buy the right one. I will be putting it in my basement. Would like to know the best kind and quietest. Doesn't need to be real big but upright. Someone told me to get a Danby but have never heard of them.Please contact me with any infothat maybe helpful.Size up to 12 or 13 cu.ft.


Listed Green

Answered by Listed Green

Henderson, NV

July 7, 2014

Look for an EnergyStar rated freezer. Most models now are rated that way. Self-defrosting models are always best, because there is no need to open the freezer, remove the items and melt that ice build up. That task in itself isn't energy efficient at all and sure isn't fun either.

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