I was told that if you use a solid bamboo that the humidity in the house needs to be around 40-60% RH to keep the floor from cracking.

Asked by Clark
Sparks, NV

I live in Northern Nevada were the RH is generally around 10-20%



First off there is no such thing as solid bamboo flooring.

  • Bamboo is a fast growing grass with a hollow core and thin walls.
  • Because of this all bamboo flooring and sheet goods are a composite material made up of multi layers of bamboo or a combination of bamboo and other wood products.

Generally it is good practice to keep your home at a relative humidity (RH) of 40-60% for all finishes as well as providing a healthy environment.

If you plan on installing bamboo or any other wood flooring product I would always refer to the manufacturer's specifications and recommendations prior to installation.

If you are unable to provide the proper RH levels recommended by the manufacturer, I would suggest selecting an alternative material for your home's flooring.


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