I was given a fireplace insert with a really powerful blower. Any thoughts on a sensor for the blower to turn on above 90 degrees?

Asked by Barbara Donahue
Sandy Hook, CT

The sensor would also turn off when the internal temperature fell below 90 degrees.


Scott Johnson

Answered by Scott Johnson

Lake Elsinore, CA

AVO Power

December 20, 2010

Here's what to ask for...

  • Line voltage thermostat,
  • mechanical non-programmable,
  • switch-type SPST,
  • switch action close-on-rise.

"Line voltage" as the fan is probably 120vac. SPST. Single switch, on and off.

It's actually a cooling stat. The switch will close on temp rise as if to turn on a cooling fan on temp rise. Think: it's trying to cool the fireplace. Actually, it's blowing the hot air into the living space. Fire goes out; temp drops below preset (90); fan goes off.

Needs to be installed by an electrician. Easy.


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