I want to recondition (refinish) an old counter top. Can you suggest a product to do that?

Asked by Martin McCamley
Ormond Beach, FL

I saw a product that does this on a recent TV program.  It goes on with a trowel. I cannot find that product nor do I know the name... Can you help me?


Doug Cameron, LEED GA

Answered by Doug Cameron, LEED GA

Austin, TX

EcoSafe Spaces, LLC

August 10, 2011

An ecofriendly version of what you are talking about starts with a product called Deco-Poz, a cement like mix that can be troweled on Formica or other counter-top surfaces to create the look of concrete or stone.

  • This newly skim-coated surface can then be stained with a non-toxic stain called SoyCrete (try blending more than one color to create depth).
  • Finally, follow up with a few coats of Eco-Tuff for a non-toxic seal.
  • Voila, your counter has been successfully resurfaced.

This is most definitely a low-budget way to update your old counters (especially if you D.I.Y.), but not something you will see in most high end homes or businesses.

I don't think the "faux" look (or hollow sound when you knock..) appeals to most architects or designers, at least not the way solid concrete or natural stone does. 

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