I want a green substitute for Minwax. I need to protect and match pine window frames to a teak panel interior. Any suggestions?

I'm looking for something that will really protect the wood and roughly match (I know pine will never closely match) the teak wood that is used throughout the room. But I don't want to use a dangerous product.


Bonnie  Pickartz

Answered by Bonnie Pickartz

Franklin, NC

Goshen Timber Frames

March 2, 2010

We've come a long way from the frightening toxic wood finishes, paints, and stains. Where lead was standard in paint mixtures not that long ago, today you'll find more low- and no-VOC finishes, nontoxic finishes, and earth-friendly options. You can find many products on the Internet and even at your local home improvement store. A couple of options are Earthpaint and Green Building Supply.

However, keep in mind that, when possible, it is better to buy locally. Discuss your project with the staff of a local paint or home improvement store.

Take home some samples and try them on your trim. Getting a match will be much easier this way and allows you to look at other color options. You might want to go with a contrast instead of finishing the pine to match the teak.

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