I, not my wife, am nasally allergic to fabric-covered loveseat & armchair in our MBR whose tags indicate no flame retardant. When I sleep in

Asked by Richard Jacoby
Port Chester, NY

my zip is :10573


Answered by Susan Aiello

New York, NY

Interior Design Solutions

January 29, 2014

There are a number of other chemicals that could be in the fabric or the furniture itself. In general natural fabrics are best, the less treatment of any kind that they have (including stain resistant finishes and even dye), the better. It's also possible (but less likely) that you're reaction to something in the furniture other than the fabric. Off-gassing (releasing chemicals into the air) is normally worst when furniture is new. So I'd suggest that you remove the furniture from the room and leave it somewhere where a lot of air (but not moisture) can get to it for a week or two. And thoroughly air out the MBR (using open windows and a fan) when you remove the furniture.

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