I need to replace my hot water recirculation pump. What type and model would you recommend?

Asked by Mcdowro
Rock Hill, SC

I have a 50-gallon natural gas water heater. There is a return hot water line piped back to the water heater where I have a circulation pump that has since quit working. What type and model would you recommend?


Danny Kelly

Answered by Danny Kelly

Charlotte, NC

Kelly McArdle Construction

November 8, 2010

The traditional continuous-running pumps -- although they save water -- end up wasting a lot of energy constantly heating water and circulating it around the home.

  • Most green builders are moving to on-demand hot water recirculation pumps, where you push a button and the pump turns on.
  • There are several manufacturers and some even come with a remote control so it can be used in several rooms. The button is typically put in the master bath or the furthest plumbing fixture from the water heater.


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