I need to pave my driveway -- what material would you suggest?

Asked by gina burk
Akron, OH

I'm looking for the most permeable material I can use. I live in Northeast Ohio and snow removal tends to limit grid systems.


Randy Potter

Answered by Randy Potter

Alameda, CA

July 1, 2010

The best alternative if you are unable to use a grass grid system or permeable pavers is to look at actual permeable concrete products. These are porous products made up of larger-sized stone aggregate, creating "nooks and crannies" which allow water to pass through.

The only caveat that I will throw out there is that you may want to check into these products' ability to withstand the abuse of a snow plow. Given their rough texture and uneven surface compared to pavement or standard concrete, I can see how a plow could rip chunks out of your driveway.

For more technical information on these porous pavement products as well as to find local installers go to the Concrete Network website.

For more information:

Read Christian Kienapfel's Ask A Pro Q&A, "We have a 400-foot driveway. Can you suggest a permeable or semi-permeable topping?"

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