I need paint for my bathroom and bedroom that will not compromise my existing lung condition. What do I purchase?

Asked by Karen A Fennell
Peabody, MA

I am very very senstive to the chemical for I have lung diease. I need to find paint for the bathroom and bedroom that will not add stress to my already compromised lungs.



Chemical sensitivities are difficult to pin point and even diagnose. With this said, it makes it difficult to specify a certain paint or product which will not adversely affect your condition.

I would however recommend that you use an established paint manufacturer such as Sherwin Williams and or Benjamin Moore. Both manufacture low or zero VOC paints.

I would also recommend that you do not add pigment to the base paint. Most pigments used in tinting paints do not follow the same guidelines as the paint VOC’s and could lead to off gassing effecting your condition.

I would highly recommend that you try sample areas and monitor your condition prior to proceeding with painting the entire space. Ventilation is key to managing buildup of airborne toxins so allow the room to air out at least one week prior to moving into it.

Also look into installing an energy recovery system (ERV) or heat energy recovery system (HRV) onto your existing heating and cooling system. These systems will remove toxic stale air while replacing it with fresh outdoor air which can be brought through a series of filters and scrubbers prior to distributing it though out your home.

Best of Luck,

Harold J Remlinger, AIA, LEED AP BD+C DesignTeam Plus, LLC

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