I need a replacement or covering for my windows that will allow airflow but block light and sound. Any ideas?

Asked by Sharon Finney
Portland, CT

Is there a panel option that could be put up when I go to bed and removed at the end of the night? I need to block light and sound, e.g., airplanes/auto engines.


Danny Kelly

Answered by Danny Kelly

Charlotte, NC

Kelly McArdle Construction

October 11, 2010

Hi Sharon,

There is a company up in your neck of the woods -- Hartford, I believe -- that makes interior storm windows.

  • Not sure why you would want airflow around your windows -- typically you want a tight seal around your windows so you do not lose your heat to the outdoors.
  • These interior storms are friction-fit, so very easy to install (DIY) and they are removable if you want to take them out.
  • They will not only cut down on the noise but will save you energy as well.

Check them out at

For more information:

Read Neil Gordon's Q&A "I am looking for window treatments for my 2-year-old's room. What will keep her environment healthy and block light?"

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