I'm looking for a (green) wood finish that is non-toxic and environmentally safe.

Asked by Mandy
Green Bay, WI

Needs to be tint-able, need it to be eco-friendly and non-toxic, it will be used for childerns toys and things, so need it to be safe if for some reason it gets put in the mouth,


Bill Bradbury

Answered by Bill Bradbury

Smithfield, UT

Envirocon Home Restoration

January 31, 2012

Shellac is made from the excretions of a beetle that lives in India. The dried flakes are soaked in grain alcohol for about a week, then brushed on over any stain.  But I would recommend a gel stain. 

  • Any universal tint can be added to the shellac after it has soaked.
  • It's totally safe, non-toxic and renewable.

For more information:

Read our backgrounder "Selecting Healthy and Environmentally Sound Clear Wood Finishes."

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