I live in a Santa Fe style house, the kind with a flat roof and no attic crawlspace. Is there a way to improve attic insulation?

Asked by Bente Jensen
Palm Desert, CA

The house is 11 years old and located in the Palm Desert area. I am going to install solar/PV cells on the roof.


We find this situation in homes that we provide energy audits for in Southern California.

The homeowner is usually concerned about the comfort level, and this is what we typically recommend:

  • If the ceilling has some space between the drywall and the roof, your best bet is to "drill and fill." This is done by an insulation company that will create small holes in your ceiling or even in walls and will fill the cavity with dense-pack cellulose insulation.
  • If it's a post-and-beam ceiling, you can remove the roof, install rigid foam insulation from above, and then re-roof. We have had good customer feedback with both techniques.

If you choose to go ahead with one of these insulation methods, check Green Home Guide's service directory to find a green professional near you.

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