I just read your answer to a broken florescent bulb, I have never heard they can be dangerous if broken. Is that really true?

Asked by maureen flynn
Woodland, CA

I broke one of those twist bulbs in my bedroom. I was putting it into a lamp and dropped it. That was last week and I, sad to say, haven't yet cleaned it up. I picked up the big pieces but not the rest. Just how dangerous are they?? Thanks


Paul Bussell

Answered by Paul Bussell

encinitas, ca


December 9, 2011

Hello Maureen, you should note that evaporated form of mercury in a confined a/o warm space is of particular precautionary concern and so i'll point you to the CDC's quick "clean-up" guide for exactly this type of household spill; it applies similarly to these typically-small quantities found in old thermometers and thermostats. Here's the link,

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