I have peeling lead paint on a small balcony overhang. How can I cover this?

Asked by Susan Free
York, PA

I have a small balcony porch that has an extended roof with peeling lead paint on its ceiling. Instead of having this removed and painted, is there a way I can staple some sort of protective covering over it and then cover that with new wood? I cannot afford to have this removed, and I don't want to expose myself to the lead paint any more than necessary.



Covering over and encapsulating the lead paint will remove the risk of ingesting the dust from the deteriorating lead paint. This can be easily done by placing the new ceiling material directly over the existing paint with a quality exterior grade latex paint.

If you wish to hire a contractor, to perform the work, make sure they are a Lead Safe Certified Firm by the EPA. Companies holding this certification are trained in the proper methods for renovations where lead paint is found.


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