I have mcs and we need to replace our gas furnace asap, any safe gas furnace that does not emit fumes into the home and is safe? thanks

Asked by Sandy Van Wagoner
Auburn, WA

safe gas forced air furnace for mcs person


David Willson

Answered by David Willson

Sebastopol, CA

Advanced Home Performance

January 3, 2012

Sandy, No matter where in your home that your furnace is, if you have a 92-96% efficient furnace installed, you should be free from any fumes. A furnace with efficiency's that high are known as 'condensing' furnaces. Have the installer plumb the combustion air intake and outflow up through the roof and there should be no way any fumes can make it into your home. Consider doing the same with your water heater. State Premier makes a 95% efficient water heater that you might consider. Good Luck!

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