I have hot water baseboard heat supplied by an external heater. What is the best temperature to keep my water supply at?

Asked by dana speta
Machias, NY

needto know best water temp for water supply to hot water base board heaters


Edward Wright

Answered by Edward Wright

Cincinnati, OH

Wright Design, LLC

October 8, 2012


Several things contribute to delivering heat with hydronic baseboard heaters:

  • flow rate of water through the system;
  • length of base board;
  • water temperature.

For example, a common baseboard will deliver 200 btu/foot @ 120 degrees F and 1 gallon/minute, but will deliver 300 btu/foot @ 140 degrees F and 1 gallon/min.

A heat loss calculation for your house will determine the correct water temperature with your existing base board length and water flow rate. Turning the water temperature too high will deliver heat to the rooms, but may not allow the boiler or other heat source to work efficiently.

Contact a local HVAC contractor for more detailed assistance and to determine if any system improvements are needed, such as additional baseboard in a cold room. Google "hvac contractors near Machias, NY" for a list of nearby companies to begin your search.

Stay warm!



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