I have a small piece of property in Puerto Rico. Would a prefabricated home be the best choice?

Asked by Nel
Wolcott, CT

I have a small piece of property in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. I am interested in having a prefabricated house put there. What would you suggest?



I would begin by listing all of your requirements for your new green home and comparing these requirements to what is available from prefabricated home manufacturers.

As an architect, I would strongly recommend that you hire an architect near you here in the continental United States to work on the details and help you organize your specific requirements.

Many architects such as myself are NCARB certified and can practice in Puerto Rico since it is part of our great country. 

For your knowledge, contact different contractors in Puerto Rico. You might find that with the possibly lower labor rates in Puerto Rico, you will be able to have a home custom-designed and built to meet your exact requirements for the same cost or slightly higher than a premanufactured home.


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