I have a historic registered house in Georgetown KY, and want to remodel it to achieve LEED Silver - what are you tips on starting?

Will be an ongoing project over 12-18 months, and want to start from the first remodeling effort to the last with the goal of certification. Do I just use the LEED Home criteria, or how does Regreen and its efforts fit into this certification process and checklist?


Andrea Foss

Answered by Andrea Foss

Washington, DC

Everyday Green

January 21, 2010

ReGreen is separate from the LEED Homes rating system. It is a set of guidelines rather than a certification. If you're not going completely down to the studs on all exterior walls and making the insulation levels visible, you will not be eligible for LEED Homes certification. Depending on the level of your remodeling efforts, ReGreen might be better suited. It lists of a number of design considerations and resources for making green decisions. If you want to go deeper into the energy retrofit, consider looking into Home Performance with ENERGY STAR and find a qualified BPI and/or HERS certified energy auditor in your area to identify cost effective options for energy and home improvements. If you do qualify for LEED Homes, basically a gut rehab, you'll want to get in touch with a local LEED Homes green rater affiliated with a LEED Homes Provider who will walk you through the checklist and major milestones. They will need to perform required site inspections and ensure your home is eligible for certification.

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