I have a 6.1 Kw PV solar system, can you recommend an electric hot water on demand tank? I prefer not to use gas to save more money.

Asked by Michael Funk
Littleton, CO

I have an 80 gallon solar tank and a 40 gallon gas tank today. An 8x8 hot water solar panel footprint and 32 PV panels. Go to google earth and look at my address of 11171 W. Crestline Dr. Littleton CO and zoom in to the roof. You will see the solar array that I have. Thanks, Mike.


Answered by Doug Garrett

Jarrell, TX

Building Performance & Comfort, Inc.

June 2, 2014

No. I would never do something so unkind to you. Seriously, an electric on demand unit has a kW draw of 12-20 kW! Your best option would be gas or a heat pump water heater. Either one will beat the pants off of the on demand tankless option. For hot water on demand look at D'Mand on demand circulation pumps. This is what DOE says: . One example of many heat pump water heaters available:

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