I have a 2-story home with very little insulation in the rafters between the 2 floors. Would you recommend adding more?

Asked by jerry h.
Hopkins, SC

What would you recommend? Would foam insulation be okay? What if we have to reopen that space to do the work?



In a two-story home, it is not necessary to install insulation between the floors except as soundproofing.

With a well-balanced system, the heat transmitting between the floors will aid in the heating of the upper floor, reducing the necessary amount of heating directed by the forced-air system through its ductwork.

Now if you have attic space above the first floor, I would recommend at least an R-40 or the minimum required by your local code. I usually do not recommend spray-in foam in a ceiling condition in an attic unless it is an unventilated hot deck installation.


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