I am thinking of putting up new pine closet doors. Should I seal the wood in some way?

Asked by Hannah B Fischthal
Jamaica, NY

I heard Minwax was a safe sealer. I want to be as green as possible. My daughter is very sensitive to smells. I am welcome to any suggestions.



Definitely seal the new doors. This will protect your daughter but also keep the door from warping.

Look into water borne wood products at your local wood working store/lumber yard or on line.

  • Make sure the sealer has less then 350 grams per liter of VOC's.
  • If you are uncertain of the VOC content you should be able to find a MSDS report (manufactures safety data sheet) online or request from the sales staff the where it will state the amount of VOC in grams per liter. 

For more information:

Read our backgrounder "Selecting Healthy and Environmentally Sound Clear Wood Finishes".

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