I am replacing the duct work in my HVAC. I want to used duct board and flex duct with low VOC or no VOC.

Asked by Dudley McGaughey
Daphne, AL

I would prefer foil on two sides of duct board and the lining of flex duct is low in odor with formaldehyde free materials.


Rich Franz-Ünder

Answered by Rich Franz-Ünder

Tucson, AZ

Pima County Development Services

March 29, 2012

First, congratulations for working on your ductwork.  Leaky ductwork is one of the largest energy wasters in your home. 

  • Replacing duct work usually requires a permit from your local building department.
  • Installing duct work so that it won't leak is difficult.
  • To make sure it is installed correclty, a test called a "duct blaster" is required.

With the above caveats if your still ready to DIY, just ask the material supplier to confirm that the products comply with 

These products will be no, or very low VOC.


For more information:

Read "How do you seal leaky ductwork?" a Q&A answered by David Edwards.

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